We are all students in the school of life.

My brother loves watching Nat Geo wild(grrrrrrr… i really don’t like it.)Maybe its because i don’t realize the dynamics involved(all i see are a bunch of animals preying on each other at least until recently.)I saw a side of the wild that i was not conversant with before. I see female species covering long distances to provide for their young. I’ve seen a lioness fight with a lion fiercely to protect her young. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I’ve witnessed a wildbeast straying from the herd to wait for her young one even with the knowledge that she could be an easy target. I’ve seen the true meaning of motherhood from animals.

From an orphaned tiger i learnt the meaning of survival. After escaping an excruciating experience that led to the death of its mother it was faced with the eminent threat of being burned alive by humans. It had to walk for miles. Hunger was not making the journey easier. To make the situation worse it was not familiar with the art of learning. It had to learn how to hunt and endured rejection for a while before it earned its mate. A true mark of patience and after got the right to its territory.

You never know until you know. Life in the jungle is not much different than ours. To truly live you must keeping learning,practice giving and experience growth. You need to love unconditionally, fight fiercely and keep moving regardless of the situation. It was then that I realized being older does indeed make my brother wiser (almost)to appreciate and use observation as a basis of learning. In God’s good earth everyone is a student.


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