Lessons from God

I used to think that because God was my father he ought to answer my prayers just as i prayed them. A lot of His children get frustrated because that’s how we view him and ultimately fall of the wagon. I often find myself questioning some of his decisions because they don’t fit the profile of what i should be expecting. With time i have learnt a lot that i would like to share with all those who like me are often left with more questions than answers.

God is not a coffee machine. We are created for his service not the other way round. He is not always going to answer our prayers exactly as we want him to in fact he rarely does. This does not mean that He cares less He just has a different view of what you are asking for. You see most of the things that we actually wish for we don’t want but we do not know that yet until it happens and you begin wondering what life would have been if you had not gotten your wish in the first place.

He’s taught me patience . Sometimes he just allows us to be in the presence of not so pleasant people to sift our unpleasantness and make us better . He allows us to go through difficult times for us to appreciate the blessings that come along with it .We never have value for light until its dark. So if you are praying to have God take away your troubles why don’t you adjust that just a little by asking for strength to bear it.

He makes me strong. I am not the same girl i was three years ago. I have learnt to give  service where i can and to pray for that which is elusive to me. I have learnt to love not because i could be loved back but in itself its a gift. I have learnt to see things not as they are but as they should be. I still have a long way to go but i am enjoying every minute of it with God by my side.


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