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iF we

Never take the time to love we can’t blame the world for all the hate

Never take the time to pray we can’t blame Him for what comes next

Never take the time to care we can’t blame things for being careless

Never take the time to plant we cant blame things for not growing

Never take the time to smile we can’t blame others for frowning

Never take the time to learn we can’t blame anyone for our ignorance

Never take the time to work we can’t blame our stores for being dry

Never take the time to live then we can’t blame death when it takes it away

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Love , you made me part of something big

From me with love

Once having successfully pulled of an event with your help , i wondered out loud what to do with myself. I asked if i could please be part of something bigger than me once again and you said yes. You even had someone approach me to help in their team. Funny thing i knew little of what they are asking me to do still i went ahead to say yes.

Love, you surprised me again. I was made the leader of the team. I was honored because i wasn’t the best there was, others could have done better but it had to be me this time. You gave me a team that didn’t need to be reminded their responsibility or followed to do what was required of them. I felt like the luckiest girl alive. When things got hard you reminded me that it was all in your hands and once again proved yourself.

On the day of the event, it couldn’t have begun worse for me, the program we had dedicated so much time to make changed and that too to our disadvantage. People had to sit two hours as opposed to the fifty minutes they were supposed to in the program. The food wasn’t ready on time and though sweet was not enough for everyone and lacked soup. The skit i had flopped three hundred and sixty degrees and that hurt badly. We didn’t play the jazz list we planned and that was sad

But before i could open my mouth to complain love, i remembered all the compliments people showered on me for my 1960s outfit. How much fun people had with the games we played together . How on point the DJ was. How excitedly they jumped to dance when it was time for hype and how much fun the speed dating was. I recall having a second to none fruit salad, a mocktail worth my time and partaking of a cake so sweet i went back for a second piece. I at some point slept due to exhaustion and had to leave for work but generally i had a fun night love. It was lovely to watch something i was part of creating come together and see others enjoy it as well . My surprises only grew bigger on Sunday when i got to see how great the photos taken were and being in the media and program team i was ecstatic , Love you do keep your promises

with love from me, Love


Tell me anything….


He sat right across me and smiled

He said we’ve never actually talk this way

Then he looked straight to me and he say

i know you are a prayerful woman

i said i try

then he looked straight into my eye and said

tell me anything about you

i say what exactly do you want to know

He said anything i wanted him to know

I told him why i like to use my surname

That it was my grandfathers the first of many i ever loved

That’s why i love the name

He asked something else i can’t remember what

and i talked about my parents broken relationship

He said his were like that too except more dramatic

i said funny i never wish them back together again

he say his could never be together or apart

it had to be both and they tried to get used to it

He was told to move by the next guy

He looked at me and said we ain’t done yet

then he took the next seat and in came another him

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When Love said no….

When i first met Love i thought he was something and more, He was kind , patient, slow to anger, never failing. Never once did i detect a hint of resentment, irritability , jealousy or boastfulness.Instead love was everything, Kind, gentle, humble, good , even tempered, joyous at least that ‘s the impression i got.

He said ask and you shall receive , knock my door and i shall open, pray and i will answer. I did . At first it worked then it didn’t . He went quiet i was frustrated , i lost hope . I didn’t know where to turn to . When love turns your back on you whom do you go for? As if it wasn’t enough he begun answering all my prayers in one way, No.

Was He being serious , not amused , i was angry ready to give Him up . That’s when i saw it , what love was doing. He was not not answering my prayers he was just answering his own way. He hadn’t left he was always there silent like a teacher when their student took a test. He cared how i feel but cared more about how it would hurt me if he answered my prayers exactly as i wanted them. This one time i wished i could see him and say thank you in person

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I danced with the Lord…..



I danced with the lord

The moon was our chandelier and the sun our fire place.

The stars were our candle lights and the sky our dance floor

The soft wind breezed past us in music and the gentle chirping of birds our instruments

He spun me around the pulled me close to himself

I can still hear the words he whispered into my year

If you draw near to me girl i will draw close to you

I am your shepherd and you are my sheep

my sheep hear my voice and you my darling if you my dearest

hear me and do as i say then i will live in you and you in me

Whatever you ask of me my love in faith i will give

but when i don’t trust that all things sugar work for the good those who love me

I loved you so much that my life seemed a small price to pay

that my love for you is closer than that of your brother’s

Sweetheart you are wonderfully and fearfully made

believe me when i say so because i formed you in your mothers womb

I will be your shield and strength in times of trouble and my love will never depart from you, i the Lord knock at your door of your heart if you let me in my love there i will dwell forever.

This  i promise my love that our love will dwell forever so if you’d please , my darling marry me…..


My wife is not beautiful….

my wife is not beautifulMy wife is not beautiful, she has mismatched eyes but somehow i still get intoxicated with them.

My wife is not beautiful she has full lips but i can’t stop trying to discover the secret in them.

My wife is not beautiful her face is plain but the piercings one on her nose, the ones on the C of her ear, the one just below her mouth and the one just at the end of her brow renders me speechless with quiet wonder.

My wife is not beautiful, she has a limp but it gives an extra bounce to her step.

My wife is not beautiful her hair is short and kinky but it has a silky softness to it .

My wife is not beautiful she is dark but the ebony of her skin awakens every part of me

My wife is not beautiful  she is full figured but i have never been stupified by a body before .

My wife is not beautiful her waist isn’t small but my hands have found their own feet always moving to reach out to it.

My wife is not beautiful but her scent is that of chocolate bathed in icecream and a hint of mint in her breath

My wife is not beautiful those who said beauty is everything should meet my wife

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I have learn’t that…

my jesus2

I may not be that good, but with you am the best.

I may not have it together but in you everything holds fast.

I may not get win but in you i am more a conqueror

I may not be strong but you are my solid rock on which i stand

I may not get the way right but lucky for me you are my shepherd

I may not be that powerful but you are almighty.

I may not be laughing but you are my joy

I may not have the capacity to love but you are Love himself


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broken bird

someone tell the broken bird….


That though her wings have been clipped

walking doesn’t make her less of a bird

though her feathers have removed

her skin is tough enough to protect her

even though her beak has been cut

her tongue is good enough to chew

her claws may be bent

but this only gives her a great grip


Someone  tell the broken bird….

though she can  no longer sing

a croak can be heard as much

while she can’t make a nest on a tree

there are safe caves on the ground

though she can’t see her prey from above

the lion has hunted below all its life

though she can’t climb a tree

she could hide behind it


Someone tell the broken bird…..

that though she might not be able to fly

even the birds on the ground can run

though she might explore the world above

the one below is waiting for her

it will be a little difficult to get away from her predators

but she could very well fight them

That being broken is still being whole in a different way



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The thorn in my flesh, Love




his death


So working for my uncle was hard enough , working with him has become my daily nightmare. He’s not a bad man,no and everything would have been fine if i did everything as he said , but i am just not that person. I discovered that though i do not have problems with authority or rules and regulations i need wee bit more time than others to get it  into my  system.

I have been trying hard to be on his right side but no matter what i do somehow i find myself on his left. It’s hard to dispute the fact that he has a right to come after me and most of the time I actually deserve it . I however wish he listened when  i tried to explain my side of the story not so i can excuse myself but at least he would be correcting the real problem not the symptoms.

Many days i want to quit but i know that is not the solution , i have a real shot at doing something useful with my life if  hang on for five minutes more. Those days with him have been the harshest days of my life but i have never been ever so keen i keep getting better with every rebuke and harsh words thrown my way. So LOVE i pledge that i will never give up on you because you never did that with me.


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What you meant …love


I will tell you a story of my lover and my friend. He said to me that he was my shepherd  that i would not want . He promised me that he would let me lie in green pastures and lead me besides the still waters. He would lead me in the path of righteousness for his name sake. Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i would fear no evil , he promised to be with me . His rod and staff was supposed to protect. He said that he would prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies , my cup would overflow. Goodness  and mercy was to follow me all the days of my life but

……my Love lied, as soon as i got closer he left me, it was cold and  hungry  and the little food that i got from him was like a double edged sword cut deep it heart the only water i could find to quench my thirst was bitter. He forgot to mention that his path was a narrow one filled with sharp thorns that that  his name was by another name pain. He didn’t come to my rescue when i was faced with death instead he left me alone to become a dry bone. His rod was used on my heart to break it and  i lived to see my enemies eat at my table and have a good time while my cup cracked from being dry. There was no mercy just a lot of bad i was just about to walk away when i found out…

That he had always been where i was carrying me. That when we ate and quenched our thirst and if we didn’t it was always him and i.  His thorn filled path made me stronger and more enduring, that despite the pain in his name it still provided healing. While he didn’t stop me from dying to the flesh my spirit was being renewed everyday  and the rod he used on me shaped me to the person i was becoming. While my enemies still have a good time i know it’s only a matter of time, My  love is coming soon and i will be waiting to hear the sound of his voice to be with him forever where mercy abounds . See in the end my love kept His promise