In the World of books and Pens. In the land of literature therein lies creatures of wonder who create many a lives. Some good, some bad , some ugly , some desperate but all of them necessary. For the River of Knowledge never stops flowing and the fruit from the trees of enlightenment are a delight to the brain. To give hope to the broken hearts and perhaps shed some light to the darkened soul. Maybe just to give a scope as to why things happen the way they do or don’t. I know nothing but i am willing to learn everything . If you’d take that journey with me then we would discover the misery of the night woman, the love of a big brother, why the heart will heal again and perhaps the sound of destiny. We’ll know love and marvel at the wonder of our own lives right before we see the futility in the one’s that we envy only to realize we are better off. Then we can deal with the misery of why good people die or why someone would kill themselves in the fast place. Perhaps the loss of a lover? well, you never know till you read.