I Look to you….

I always did from the first time i met you..oops the first time i really met you. I felt the joy. It was  like a waterfall, fresh and high. I must admit that those moments we spent together were worth it. I loved them . I had no care in the world.

You are a good listener so i have come to learn. I feel you every moment i go to bed. Your patience is outstanding .I don’t think i’d have have the heart to forgive you the same way if you hurt me the way i hurt you. That’ s selfish, looks really bad. The first time i said i love you it felt really weird . It had nothing to do with the fact that i didn’t love you  it just hadn’t hit me that i needed to say that especially to you.

I smell you. Its like being in a high. I need it to be more than a feeling. I hate the way you sometimes feel so distant even though you are always there. The way you make me wait for things even though in the end is still get them. I love the way you cheer me up when i am down. I sometimes don’t get it when you tell me to trust you even when things are not working out. With so many words i guess all i am trying to say is I love you very much God, imperfectly and all . I have this feeling that i would love your beard, that is if you have one. It is a little crazy down here, i hope to see you soon, sixty years from now , i guess .


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