The Slave

via Daily Prompt: Tremble

I don’t think that i had experienced that kind of weather before. Alas it was my fault i had mentioned to the Prince (whose name is Darius really  though for the sake of his title i couldn’t address him as such.)that i wanted to  be a general. His army had laughed their teeth off. A girl had never taken part in battle let alone becoming a general. I was but a slave who had asked for more than i could handle. I knew it would kill me but i would rather die doing something that i loved.

Training had been hard. I had hit the ground a few and had a number of bruises. It was hard , the kind of hard that i cherished.Someone had told me that chambermaids were sometimes converted to mistresses. That was not going to happen to me not without a fight.So i stated my agenda to the prince who did not have any objections but gave me the condition that my training would not be made any easier. I obliged it was better than becoming a concubine.

Knowing that i would never equal the men in strength i concentrated more in techniques.They had the brawn alright but i had the brains . The training was becoming more intense and the one that i would be doing now had to be undertaken in higher grounds that meant cold. Cold weather that i was not particularly enlightened with. That day was colder than usual and the prince decided to do me the honor of effecting this training himself. Those who had been trained by me warned me that he never went easy on anyone it did not help that i was a woman.

He never really clicked with women much. He held a certain contempt for them. I had noticed in the way he treated his fathers mistresses. Personally he had none. I never knew how i escaped his hate. Maybe it was because i didn’t mean anything after all.So we begun  the training . We were only halfway when the rain decided to fall. It beat the ground hard making it difficult to practice we sought shelter in a cave.  It was increasingly cold it took us a long time to build fire and the rain did not show any signs of ending soon. Darkness was catching up fast and the cold was starting to get unbearable.The heat from the fire did not help the situation. we were freezing.

He took off his vest. i resorted  to facing the other side i was certainly not prepared for this.”Come and sit by me,” . I thought i heard wrong this was not good . “I’m doing fine here your majesty thank you.” That response could get me in trouble but no one was making me do anything i didn’t believe me. I was getting numb. I  sat still . He approached me . I froze. He wrapped his hands around me . It was getting bearable. I was getting warm and i felt really good. I was getting sleepy and that felt…


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