Greener pastures.

There is always someone who seems to have it all or at at least most of the things we want.It is easy to be caught in the web of wishing that we were them. They always seem to be more beautiful , popular , richer and happier than us or so we think.This however is hardly the case and we would know better if we were in their shoes.

The secret i learnt of having a happier more fulfilling life is gratitude. It is a gift that gives on giving. Appreciating what we have makes life much more enjoyable and keeps us from chasing vanity.I learnt that it is not what you have but rather what you do with it that makes the difference.Posh houses,vintage cars,and millions in your bank account are very different from happiness.It is not wrong to own these things but if they run your life you are in for very big trouble.

While the person you covet might seem to own all of these thins they might have the kind of friends you have. His wife may be beautiful but she may not be as caring as yours. Her boyfriend might be cute but he hasn’t got the least bit of concern for her. Everything is not usually as it seems and you will never be happy when gazing on your neighbors lawn. Water yours and in time you will realize just how productive yours is . Peace.


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