via Daily Prompt: Lovingly

Being a chambermaid wasn’t as harrowing but to a shepherdress like me i found the job very empty.I missed my sheep. I would actually catch myself day dreaming about them several times a day . Unknown to me my job was about to take an unexpected turn.

There is a tradition of dancing competitions in this kingdom. It is not however between commoners but occured between chambermaids of different kingdoms. It was a sort of war to prove the kingdoms prowress on dance. Both friends and rivals of the kingdom were invited. I was new to this and Hannah one of the contestants wouldn’t let me have peace. She spent an enomorous amount of time trying to fight me. Losing out on the position of chambermaid had not gone well with her.

She was in fact delighted at the prospects. This dance would proove whether or not i earned the position. This kingdom had never had a winner and people did not have much expectation. I bet that the fact that i was shepherdress did not help the situation. I expressed my worries to the Prince who assured me that the important thing was participating not whether you won or not.

In my heart i knew this was a lie. I could see it from his eyes he needed it. He had been a good master and i cared a great deal about him. I had danced in the past but then it felt like torture because of the circumstances. I would try at least for him. Our kingdom was accorded the last position owing to the recent failures. I watched as the other chambermaids and knew that i was far fro beating them. The way their bodies moved with perfect rythm just swept the throne room away.

As the last contestant people were tired and bored. It didn’t help that they only gave me a long beaded skirt with a dreadfully exposin top. I was uncomfortable. I looked to the princes face for comfort and he nodded.”She is not ready,” he said in efforts to rescue me. I looked at his face once and knew i couldn’t lose.”beat the drums,” i said .

I shut my eyes and remembered. My body gave way to rythm and my feet moved with grace. My waist had no trouble moving with the beat. I kept my eyes on him. This one was for my master. I used the flow of my skirt to my advantage and enjoyded the dance before slowly making it to the floor.It was the applause and disbelief that shocked me back to reality and for the first time in a long time our kingdom had finally won. He smiled. i had never seen him smile. It was a good start and i didn’t do as bad as i thought.




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