That Day

We all knew that she had a crush on bob but none of us were sure so we spoke about it in hushed tones. Her name was Rose. She was petite not at all flower but indeed attractive. She was well known for speaking her mind. Though not exceptionally bright no one doubted her intelligence.

Bob on the other handsome was one of those boys every girl wanted.He was incredibly handsome not to mention his skill in the fields. He never had to chase after girls they chased him. Judy one of the most gorgeous girls in class was already on his case. I was but a fly on the wall who preferred to sit and watch the drama unveil.

On one particular day Rose decided to get him a small gift. She had it well wrapped and left it on his desk. The move was pretty daring but Rose never seemed to mind. He did find the gift but Rose had to pay a price for it. He decided to make an example of her. No one spoke of the matter until we were all well settled in class.He stood up and read out the contents of the letter attached to it to the whole class. The uproar was so intense . I looked at Rose for any reactions but her facial expressions were calm.

She stood up and walk towards him and took the letter from his hands. “Yes i wrote it . Everything you heard was true. Bob when i said i loved you i did not exactly mention i was desperate for you. I am not sorry that i do i am sorry that it was you in the whole world that my heart chose. I thought you are mature .Sensible people make their statements in private. Thank you for letting me know how you feel about it.”I had never seen Bob’s face fall like that.”I’m sorry,” he muttered. She smiled”Happy fools day”. I mused and smiled in my heart just when i thought things couldn’t get any better.



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