People i used to KNOW

via Daily Prompt: Recognize

I thought we were friends. The many things we had done together and the secrets we shared. I was wrong or at least i was right till i was proved wrong. When i told my best friend Grace of my relationship  i would always get comfort and cheers to keep me going and she very much wanted to meet the guy i drooled about all day. I introduced them. She was my friend anything for her.

They spoke for long laughed  a little but that was normal or so i thought. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and it was only after an year that something in me begun to sound wrong. Chris didn’t pick my calls the way he used to. We never went out as frequently as we used to. Right that instant i needed to call someone and Grace was it from me. The talk we had took me a back she suggested i leave him since clearly there was nothing between us anymore. I obliged.

I never had from him since. One particular day i was out for  a walk .I had paid my aunt a visit. I met them on the way very cosy in each others arms. They froze at sight. I laughed so hard my ribs froze. They had nothing to say.”I can ….explain.” started . I smiled offered to buy them coffee.(They couldn’t refuse. the situation was not in their favor.)When we were seated i stared at them”of course you can tell me all about it.”


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