The Scent


via Daily Prompt: Scent

I swear i don’t know his name i don’t even know if he knows me either he just happens to use the road i use. I wasn’t raised a hopeless romantic neither do i think i would know love if it came my way  but there is something about him. He is tall very tall just they way i like them, i presume. I am a fly on the wall who timidly pretends to look the other way while he passes.I saw his face once. It was well crafted ,a masterpiece of an excellent craftsman then i sharply turned my face. I didn’t want to get caught.

When you are a slave you show not your face to the masters it is an unwritten rule.I had been brought in to look after the sheep. With mouths to feed back at home i wouldn’t want to ruin my  chances. I have no business with royalty. I’m fairly dark good color for the sun and the fields where i work. i am very satisfied with my job and my sheep.

Recently an order was brought by the king they are in search of a new chambermaid. I should have pleaded for a chance but i hesitated. I love my sheep. Its difficult to understand but i have a connection with them. The day after i was making my way to the circus in haste. I didn’t hear the voices of those approaching and i didn’t realize when i bumped into……Oh my God him. Let me explain it is not acceptable to cross ways with royalty and not especially him(the prince.) He holds me firmly but gently to keep me from hitting the ground. I would have wanted to stare into his dark seductive eyes for long but my nature is not very agreeing with that sort of behavior. I sprung up apologized and ran away as fast as i could . I could  hear laughter from behind but i swore never to get myself in that situation again.

So today i find myself in a hall. Apparently none of the selected chamber maids had what the prince was looking for. Personally i think he must be blind. All the contestants were drop dead gorgeous and had multiple talents. I was not quite sure of what new thing i can bring in. I was the last option however brought me in did so for lack of a better options. He asks for my name. His voice is good and for a moment i am taken aback. I don’t think i remember my name at this instant and his familiar scent is not helping with anything. What i say next surprises even me ,”I  love sheep ,sir.” The throne room is alive with laughter and the prince bursts into laughter. I laugh too then everyone goes silent. If this goes south i will get hanged. I see him standing up and with measured confident steps he walks towards me. His face does not betray any feeling whatsoever. The next words that come out of his mouth leave everyone in shock. ‘father she’s perfect.” I am either dreaming or in my own world but the kings response startles me,”fine by me.”

(From my creation The Slave)


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