SEARCH until you FIND

My mom was a strict disciplinarian(she majored in pinching and other related fields.i still love her to death)so when she suggested that you look for something you had misplaced it was a good idea to search for it until it was found. When you are born in Africa(Thank God)the first lesson you learn that tough love is all you are going to get.She was really sweet though and could make the best(chapati’s)flat bread in the whole world.

I didn’t get it then but now i understand the message she was trying to pass. Persistence and patience. In whatever you do ,if at all you are to succeed you need to keep at it.The idea has to be automatic and repetition has to become your friend. It takes lots of practice before you can finally nail it.(i needed to go through places i had searched for before several times to search for whatever it was i was responsible for losing.)

Even with the mastery of skill you also need to learn how to wait. Timing is very important. Just because you are good at something does not necessarily mean that you will get recognized for it instantly. Good things take time and Napoleon hill is proof of that. For his book think and grow rich he had to carry out research for  twenty five years. Today almost everyone i know(and most i have no idea of )have his book on their shelves.Back to my story sometimes it took me almost two hours which is a lifetime for a child whose mind is on play.Then i would find it. Hallelujah.i would smile broadly of course with half of my teeth missing. She would smile back and let me join the rest. I am not sure i quite learnt the lesson(i still loose things.)but i believe i am better now.(okay, almost.)So when unsure of that dream take my mothers advice SEARCH UNTIL YOU FIND.


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