The ten idiots.

via Daily Prompt: Ten

(A group of nine people is gathered at one place. One has a gun pointed on something.)

Idiot 2: Just shoot him.

Idiot 3:What do you mean just shoot him, we can just shoot him its murder.

Idiot4:Of course we can. put a bullet right through his skull.

Idiot 5;We are going to be charged in court for aiding and abetting.

Idiot 6:its more of watching and not interfering.

Idiot 7: They can’t sue as without evidence.We can burn him or dip him in chemicals.

Idiot 8: We could just eat him.(They all turn and look at him.)I am just saying or we all go to jail .On second thought jail isn’t such a bad idea. No more paying of taxes.

Idiot 9: And i could finally see uncle tom. i missed him.

Idiot 1: Everyone just keep it down. i am trying to focus.
Idiot 10 : yes shut up. i want to die in peace.

All exclaim: I haven’t heard a mouse speak.(They all faint and fall over each other.)

Idiot 10: Humans can be very senseless creatures. i guess my quest to provide for my 12 children is still on.(Noticing blood on his chest) or not.




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