The fellow in Yellow.

via Daily Prompt: Yellow

Its not that he dresses in yellow its his attitude that got him that name. No one new his name but everyone new him in their own way. He might not have had much but many people received help from him. Sometimes food, others shelter and he taught them his trade . He was a shoemaker.

People often wondered about him. He had a merry soul .He always saw things positively not that life had dealt fairly with him  but he never blamed his circumstances. He had beautiful stories and was an expert in telling them. Always made you feel like you are part of it.

He loved flowers and  good cup of tea. His little home was paradise. A small place that carried big meaning. They all loved him well not all but most. He hadn’t a mean bone in his body. He had a beautiful smile that he shared ever so generously with everyone he met.

No one knew that he was suffering from cancer. This fact only came to light when he died during his burial. Many people attended the service i could see it in their faces. He was not to be forgotten any time soon. He didn’t have a family mainly because  he had no need for one. I was a child then but i never forgot Yellow. He had lived well. The flowers in his grave remain as beautiful as his soul was and will forever bePlaceholder ImagePlaceholder Image



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