in her shoes.

They call her a loose woman, she understands. They are just ignorant. They don’t know that once she had dreams and aspirations, parents and what seemed like a happy ever after.Then life happened her father died and her mother remarried placing her in the hands of an abusive step father. She was abused for so long it became normal, and as fate would have it she lost her mother. The step father wandered away leaving her with three siblings. She was only fifteen.

Someone pointed her to the right direction. At least it seemed like it . She could use her body to make a life for herself. She was skeptical but with time she mastered the trade.She isn’t like the others she has become an expert. She knows exactly where to be at what time and whom to pick.She does this for her family. She wants her siblings to get what she never had a better life.

Its not always safe. All days are never the same . Some times she lands a goldmine other times she’s raped and struck.The scars that she very carefully covers with make up serve as a reminder.Yes, just recently there have been reports of a serial killer on the loose. She prays silently to be safe at least till her siblings are old enough to navigate their way in this cruel earth.

She doesn’t like short dresses or skirts but its mandatory for job.She sometimes feel like crying but no tears come out. She’s been hardened. They give her the worst of labels bu she swallows her pride.Once she saw a little girl and smiled at her her mother saw her and gave her a disapproving look and pulled her daughter away. It hurt but she couldn’t blame her. Perhaps she can’t see the human in her. We are quick to pass judgement on her before we walk a mile in her shoes.


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