simple ways to remain sober after a break up.

via Daily Prompt: Simple

Heart breaks can be so severe and fill like the end of the world .Entrusting your heart to someone and then have them mercilessly broken(though you might not see the pieces ) is not exactly a walk in the park. You feel hurt, then scared then angry(very useful emotions when used well in boxing) and then you cry.You laugh(not because it is funny) no, because you are in shock. You sit next to a mirror it doesn’t seem like you are the same person.You listen to depressing heartbreak songs(they make you feel understood) and walk around like a zombie until reality hits its really over.

Given you may feel the need to call your ex back and apologize(Not that you have done anything wrong ) but any attempts are better than nothing.You may even be tempted to leave the messages (do not try this at home) its equivalent to stalking.It is going to be hard but first you need to let yourself know that it is over.(repeat this to yourself with every temptation.fake it till you make it.) You have permission to be upset and cry yourself senseless (Then pour yourself a cup of tea or whichever beverage you prefer.Alcohol not allowed.)

Its time to listen to the song happy by Pharrel Williams(i am not getting the spelling right) and other classics that lifts your spirit.Oh, remember that dance class you always wanted to take? the right moment has come.Learn how to cook and yes teach yourself that funny language that always made you laugh.Join an organization, a church or any social platforms to connect with others.It’s time to read those books that help you make friends fast(the more the merrier). Pursue that degree and bring that business idea you have to life.

It will not be easy but step by step life will become manageable. They may try to text you(back to your ex) or call you this should not be mistaken as them wanting to get back with you.You will run into them(not good) .Don’t snob them(very immature) just give a little nod and smile (then get back to whatever you were doing)gradually you will realize that you’ve moved on and (wallah) life has never been so sweet.With time( patience is key) you will be able to usher new and very fulfilling relationships or get caught up again in the same web except this time you will know what to do.Suppose they feel the need to get back together just shrug (lay down a list of rules and regulations) if you still feel the need to give them a chance then let them work for it because you deserve it. If not then sing a song about them like (Taylor swift) or smile and gladly show them the door( they’ll get the message.)Ah, isn’t life just fantastic!



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