Something about him fascinates me.He was an embodiment of a simple and an equally complicated subject of love. Love runs the world. The recent happenings just go to show how easy it is for the world to be brought down to its knees without love. So when i think of his message to love others as you love yourself it makes a little more sense now than it did before.

He chose to be born in a poor family. He knew what it was to lack.He hand a first hand experience at being a refugee. He had no home of its own so he had his share of his life as a homeless man.Yet even with all the limitations he still managed to complete the task he came on earth for. He took a lot of time to prepare for his mission so i presume He would have made a good business man.For three years he did a job that would take someone a lifetime to accomplish and very successfully at that.

Religious or not there is something that all people agree with and that is the fact that he was a good teacher. Unlike a professor he did not do a lot of research to explain simple concepts he simply used situations that everyone could relate to to pass his message.He was articulate and gave his listeners something to think about when they went away.He also exhibited leadership by choosing people who would continue his mission long after He was gone.

It’s not so much as what he had than what he gave. He healed the sick, raised the dead, set people free from bondage but most important of all he loved them. He gave the Jews a challenge by extending the same treatment to other people who were not Jews.Racism did not begin recently. He empowered women. He had a different approach and attitude to them (most of the miracles performed were to women) he saw them as people rather than how they were viewed(as possessions).He never judged. He ate at the house of a tax collector(not the best people then), allowed a prostitute to wash his feet ,and saved a woman accused of adultery from eminent death.He told the truth as it was(This did not go well with the pharisees) without fear of contradiction.

But it was his final days on earth that set the pace. He was betrayed by one of his closest friends with a kiss(i will not be embracing anyone soon) and the other denied him.He gave and they took never once did he require them to give back.He was rejected,denied, humiliated and murdered all which he did not deserve.Even then hanging from the cross in pain he set them free and held no grudge.He lived well and died willingly. He understood human weakness and pardoned humanity for its failures.On that note i am not religious but i indeed share a relationship with Him.I wish to rest my case with his final words.IT IS FINISHED.




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