Big Brother love

The recent coke advertisement seem to exhibit the kind of relationship i had with my brother. We were only two of us still are except now he has his own family.I still recall how it was growing up with him. It was fun and crazy in equal measure. I was such a cry baby a fact that was very convenient to him. This was also the period when the movie’Tarzan’was a hit .In my mind Tarzan was a big baboon that scared the skin out of me. He enjoyed seeing me cry surprisingly not once did i feel unloved because other than bullying me occasionally he was the ideal brother. I still have faint memories of him giving me a bath and taking me to my neighbor’s to play with my friends.


As  I was growing we fought over a number of things. He was ten years older than and very much a teenager while i was toddler. One of the issues particularly that we fought about was bread. He would eat the whole loaf {terrible} and forget to have my share{i only needed two slices} until my wise mom decided that enough was enough and bought bread . I can still remember the tears in his eyes when i was admitted to hospital for a almost an year. I still have the big polar bear he bought me{ not in a very good condition now} but i love it just as i used to.He even made an effort to attend most of my school functions.


When my father separated from my mother he stepped in his shoes. He tried his best to offer me what he could. He took me under his roof because the university i attend is close by. For my nineteenth birthday he got me a smart phone.He takes care of my bus fare and  offered to give me cash to maintain my long kinky hair. We fought a lot at first due to the age difference due to the clashing of opinions.I absolutely hate his slogan ‘been there done that’. He may not have it all but i believe he gives it all.


That just reminded me of an incident not so long ago. We were heading to church and somehow i never alighted at the right stage. I had to walk back. He didn’t see me and went looking for me. He took another bus headed for the same destination as the bus we had come with. He asked around and searched until someone who had seen me alight told him that i had made it to church. From then on i have made an effort to stay alert. From that experience i got an idea of how much i meant to him. I love him more and more everyday although sometimes i just don’t like him. I only have few words to say,’big brothers for president.’




6 thoughts on “Big Brother love”

  1. As a proud big brother I can tell you that we love you and will always care for you! I’m separated with my little bro but I try to see hime everytime I can, we’re lucky to share some passions that gather us together. Thanks for the post, tell him you love him!

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